Electric Blue Cocktail Dress | Stain Lace | Evening Wear

Electric Blue Cocktail Dress | Stain Lace | Evening Wear

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Preloved Knee length cocktail dress in satin fabric with raised weaving. The dress is elegant with its front criss-cross bodice and the rich fabric for an evening gathering/ birthday celebrations. The colour goes for all Indian skin hue.

  • Worn: 1-2 Times
  • Stains/ Tear: None
  • Fabric: Lace Satin
  • Fit: Well-fitted
Product Category  Western Wear 
Product Sub Category  Dress
Colour Electric Blue
Fabric  Satin Lace
Style Lace Effect
Size  10/ M/ 34
Purchased On  2020
No. of Times Used  Almost New
Reason Of Sale  Not using anymore
Tag Available  None
Stain/Tear Spots  None
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  • QC & Shipping Time: 8-10 Days
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  • Any request of return will not be entertained, if the timeline of 24 hours is passed.
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