Pre-Loved Seller T&C

At MIJHOINDIA, we strive to maintain a high level of trust between all parties involved in a transaction, and we take any violations of our Seller Terms & Conditions seriously to ensure a fair and transparent marketplace for everyone.

All sales made on MIJHOINDIA are binding upon accepting Seller’s Terms & Conditions, the seller is bound and obliged to sell the product solely through our platform. Once the product is approved and listed, the seller cannot retract their offer or rescind the offer to sell.

Role of the Marketplace

MIJHOINDIA operates as an online marketplace that functions as a mediator between sellers and buyers. Our role as an intermediary is to provide a safe and reliable marketplace for sellers to list their pre-loved products and for buyers to browse and purchase those products.

This means that our platform facilitates transactions between the two parties but does not take ownership of the product being sold and neither will be held responsible for any actions or inactions between the seller and buyer post the transaction is completed.

Any agreement facilitated by the sale of a product between the buyer and the seller is solely between them.

Selling Terms

After the product has been approved for sale on the MIJHOINDIA's Platform, the Seller acknowledges and agrees to the following terms:

  • The seller, upon acceptance of Sellers' Terms & Conditions, shall be obligated to sell the product solely through MIJHOINDIA platform
  • The seller agrees to comply with all relevant laws and the terms by selling on the MIJHOINDIA Platform
  • The Seller agrees not to contact Buyers outside of the MIJHOINDIA Platform to avoid paying fees
  • The Seller will be solely responsible for any Costs incurred due to the actions or inactions of the Buyer and MIJHOINDIA will not be held liable for such Costs
  • The Seller will be responsible for indemnifying and holding harmless MIJHOINDIA against any Costs resulting from the Seller's violation of any of the above-mentioned terms. Additionally, MIJHOINDIA will not be liable to the Seller for any Costs arising from the Buyer's actions or omissions

Seller appoints MIJHOINDIA as facilitator

The seller appoints and authorises MIJHOINDIA to facilitate transactions and provide valuable services to sellers on the marketplace.

  • Allow sellers to sell their pre-loved products through the MIJHOINDIA Platform by publishing complete product details. The seller will be responsible for all the content listed in connection with the product MIJHOINDIA will have the right to modify any photographs of any product, at its complete discretion
  • Suggest an appropriate Product Listing Price
  • Accept the order from the Buyer in the name of and on behalf of the Seller
  • Receive the product from the Seller and, in some circumstances, return the product to the Seller
  • Product verification through quality check and authentication
  • Collecting payments from buyers
  • Facilitating the dispatch of the product to the Buyer within a specific timeframe
  • Receive and process any refunds
  • Transfer the payable amount due to the seller after deducting the commission and any other applicable charges

Seller Compliance & Obligations

By choosing to list your product for sale on MIJHOINDIA, you confirm that you will adhere to the policies established by MIJHOINDIA, which may be updated periodically.

Shipping Process

MijhoIndia ships your product to the buyer address. Once you have packed the product, let us know the product weight and packaging dimension; we'll share the Shipping Label and Tax Invoice that will go with the package. We'll share the delivery person time and day after your confirmation and package preparation.

Seller Declaration

As a seller on the MIJHOINDIA Platform, you are expected to declare and guarantee the transparency in dealings. Your offered products are owned by you and description of it stands true to the listed pointers.

Product Details

Pre-loved products listed for sale on MIJHOINDIA must be in good condition. We'll need certain details from you to make the product lucrative to the buyer. Below are those details: 

  • the condition of the product, including a detailed description of any faults or defects
  • the brand of the product
  • the size of the product
  • the buying price
  • the source of purchase
  • country of purchase
  • accurate photographs of the product
  • details of any customisation of the product
  • any other information that the buyer needs to be aware of to make an informed decision

Listing and Removal of Product

We shall list and promote your products till the time it is sold.
However, in case you happen to give away/ use the listed product of MijhoIndia in some other way, then please inform us in time.

There are no de-listing charges and we will be happy to list more if you wish!

Counterfeit prohibited or stolen Items

Understand that MIJHOINDIA is just a facilitator, onus of authenticity lies with you so that there is no return or issue of non-payment from our side. Trust and transparency will make you leverage the platform over and over again. 

Payment & Taxes 

We'll appreciate you sharing the cancelled cheque for the purpose and it is responsibility that the bank account details that you share are correct. The payment will be made after the deduction of the taxes and bank fees. 

MIJHOINDIA provides a transparent payment system to sellers by clearly outlining the commission percentage as well as any additional fees or deductions that may apply.

Commission Structure 

You should monetise from your used or unused products. That's our aim. Hence, MijhoIndia commission of 25%, if the price range is between ₹500-5000, and you'll be getting 75% of the listed price.  

If you're keeping your product price above ₹5000, then we'll take 20% and you'll retain 80% of the listed price.

Our approach to business is based upon complete transparency.

Transfer of Product(s) for Sales may attract GST which will be paid as per statute