Pre-Loved Seller FAQs

How can I sell? 

    If you want to sell your product on MIJHOINDIA, just fill out our online Product Submission Form and attach multiple detailed pictures of your product. It's super easy!

    We screen your products on the basis of the details and photos provided in the Form. After reviewing your submission, we'll send you a quote for your approval. If you're happy with it, we list your product on our website. This is just a standard procedure that helps ensure a smooth and hassle-free process for both of us.

    What products can I sell?

      We're currently accepting unused or gently used products that are in good condition in following categories:

      • Men & Women Apparels
      • Kids Apparels
      • Branded Footwear
      • Branded Bags
      • Accessories such as Jewelry, stoles, Hats, Sunglasses
      • Home Decor

      If you have any such products that you'd like to sell, we'd love to hear from you!

      If you're unsure whether your branded item is on our approved list, let us tell you that we are open to all Brands. Purpose here is to circulate the product, and make it available to someone who appreciate the beauty of your pre-loved product. 

      Do you only take branded sarees, dupattas, and kids' fashion wear? 

        While we do have an approved brand list for sarees and dupattas, we also accept authentic and premium fabric products that showcase India's rich craft and weaving techniques. 

        We accept any good condition kids' fashion wear. However, to avoid rejection, please make sure to provide clear images of the items you wish to sell. This will help ensure that your items meet our standards and are eligible for sale. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you every step of the way.

        Do you accept any brand Home Décor products? 

            We've got a list of preferred brands, but we're totally cool with accepting products from any brand as long as they're in good condition. Just make sure to send us detailed images to avoid any hiccups during our physical quality check.

            Do I have to pay for the listing of my products?

                 There are no charges for listing your products with MIJHOINDIA.

                Is my identity revealed on MIJHOINDIA’s website as a seller?

                    At MIJHOINDIA, we strictly adhere to a policy of complete confidentiality for all our users, regardless of whether they are buyers or sellers. Be rest assured, your identity will always remain confidential. 

                    Do my products have to be in perfect condition?

                        The condition of your product really matters when it comes to selling. If it's in good shape, it's more likely to get snapped up by our customers. Make sure to check out our guidelines here to ensure your products meet our screening criteria. It'll definitely help!

                        How should I take photos of my product?

                            When taking photos of pre-used products for selling, there are a few things to keep in mind:

                            • Upload product images from all angles, including the front, back, brand tags, and date code
                            • In case of any minor defect don't hesitate to share closeup pictures. It will help us accurately assess your product
                            • Use a clean & distraction free background
                            • We recommend using hangers/holders when taking photos or you can lay the item flat on a clean surface too
                            • Capture good resolution pictures, so that they can be enlarged without losing quality
                            • If possible, show the product in use to help potential buyers visualize how it would look or be used
                            • Do not edit images and share only original pictures of the products

                            By following these tips, you can take great photos of your products as these photos will help us curate your product as per our quality guidelines.

                            How do you determine the price?

                              This we are happy to leave it upon you. You decide the price. Put yourself into the shoes of buyer and price your pre-used product. 

                              What is your Commission Fee?

                                You should monetise from your used or unused products. That's our aim. Hence, MijhoIndia commission of 25%, if the price range is between ₹500-5000, and you'll be getting 75% of the listed price.  

                                If you're keeping your product price above ₹5000, then we'll take 20% and you'll retain 80% of the listed price.

                                Our approach to business is based upon complete transparency.

                                How long do you keep the consigned products for? 

                                  We have a mandatory tenure period of 120 days. This allows us to ensure that your products have enough time to sell and reach potential buyers. 

                                  What if my product does not sell?

                                    If your product remains unsold after 120 days, no worries! We can extend the time by another 45 days and work together to find a solution that works for both of us. This could mean lowering the price or offering a discount to help sell them. We’ll work together to find a solution that works for you!

                                    How do I pack my products?

                                      Here are some general tips to ensure that your product reach us in the best condition for sale:

                                      • When packing your pre-loved product, make sure to clean or dry-clean them thoroughly and remove any personal items from them.
                                      • Use packaging materials that are appropriate for the size and weight of the product and help prevent your product from getting damaged during shipping.
                                      • Package dimensions should not vary from the one mentioned in Product Submission Form.
                                      • Securely tape the box to prevent it from opening during transit.
                                      • Write a clear label on the box that describes the contents and include any special instructions for handling fragile items.
                                      Do I Need to pay for Shipping? 

                                        Shipping charges will be borne by MIJHOINDIA from your premise to the Buyer.

                                        What's about Return Shipping? 

                                        Returns should be avoided in all aspects. Otherwise, you'll end up loosing money instead of making money through this arrangement.

                                        By providing right and complete information, not sending defective products, we can surely let our pre-owned product stay at the buyer house. Failing to do so, you'll have to bear two side return charges- one from buyer to MijhoIndia and then from MijhoIndia to your premise. 

                                        From our side, we'll ensure that product is reached to the customer un-damaged and in the same condition that you dispatched. Return charges, in the case of shipment damage, will be our responsibility. 

                                        How do I send my products to the Buyer?

                                          After receiving an order intimation from us, it is required that you ship your product to the Buyer's address within 2 working days. We'll facilitate for the Delivery person at your home to take the parcel and deliver.

                                          To avoid cancellation of the sale, please make sure the product is delivered within the designated time frame, and also it is in the same condition as described on the website.

                                          What if my product is fake/counterfeit/not authentic?

                                            If you know that it is, request not to list, lest the customer should return, even if it sold from MijhoIndia's platform. And we seriously want you not to be charged with the return or non-payment of the sold product. Buying and selling is a continuous cycle and we would love to see you becoming the best Pre-Loved Seller of the Platform.

                                            As a matter of principle, we do not support businesses who are not authentic in nature. 

                                            What if I change my mind?

                                              In case you change your mind, we are open to delist your product. But the process of buying and selling pre-loved is continual cycle. If the product is still available with you, why not stay listed and declutter your closet/ home!
                                              We suggest to stay with us for minimum of 120 days and even longer.

                                              We are population of 1.4 billion, never know who likes when what you shopped sometime back!

                                              Are there any penalties or hidden charges?

                                                 No, all charges and fees will be clearly communicated to the seller beforehand.

                                                How long would it take to list a product?

                                                  It typically takes us 48 hours to list it on our website and may vary depending on the volume of products we receive.

                                                  How will I know that my product is listed on the site?

                                                    Once your product is uploaded on our website, we will send you a notification via WhatsApp or email along with the link to your products

                                                    How do I get paid?

                                                      Once your product gets sold on MIJHOINDIA, we will notify you of the sale within two working days. We will transfer the sale value to you, minus our commission, VAT/GST, and any other applicable charges.

                                                      We will request you to furnish your bank account details for the same. You can also choose to get paid in store credit (cash points).

                                                      If you didn't see our email about your bank details for any reason, don't worry - we'll send you a reminder email. However, if you don't respond within 7 days of the reminder email, we'll transfer the payout amount to your MIJHOINDIA account as store credit (cash points). You can use these points while shopping On MIJHOINDIA.