Love The Pre-Loved

 # self musing

“ Oh! That was a lovely dress that Soumya was wearing!

 Wish if I could wear ‘something like that’ to Kanika’s wedding or office party? Shall I buy a new one for the occasion? That expensive one? 

Hmmm…but already have so many new dresses that I wore just once or twice! What to do? Shall I buy, or wear any of these? 

Well such addling thought is pretty obvious when you look at others’ dress in a party or office get together and wish this to be yours. Not only this, you want to spend little penny on clothes to grace one-time event; post which, you know that your excitingly & involved purchased ensemble will be lying in cupboard for months or may be for years!

So, here is an idea-  Buy at less from other’s closet or Sell your closet!

My outfit dressing You up & Your outfit gracing My occasion”   

There are many whom we know and there are ‘lot many’ whom we do not know and this ‘lot many’ share our dressing sense, our likings, our preferences. Reaching out to them would not have been possible, had MijhoIndia Pre-own Shop not started !

To make you meet with your like-minded people, get onto MijhoIndia  Pre-owned platform where you can own a member’s outfit at a fraction of cost. No need to spend oodles of money on an occasional outfit knowing the fact that it will outlive its utility quite soon; no matter how expensive or how valuable it is ! 

Why MijhoIndia   Pre-owned Shop, when we already have interesting clothes to sell?

It is not only about buying sustainable garments but also to re-wear what we have in our wardrobe! Concept of circularity comes alive only when we optimise wearing what we have. 

Mindful purchase of outfits; reuse of the same outfit with a different style; following zero waste practices ( as done in Indian families); resorting to ethical practices at workplace- all these leads to Sustainable environment. 

Let’s talk more…

When Richa has to shop: 

Richa  purchase one gorgeous dress for her office party. Party over. Dress dumped. Repeated thrice or four times in a year. And thereafter kept in cupboard with proper coverings (as it was expensive) to protect from termites and insects. Another party, another dress. 3rd party of the year, 3rd Dress. You see, Richa is continually buying as she doesn’t want to be featured in the same dress by her friends. As Richa doesn’t want to be featured in the same dress by her friends. Considering the limited span of friends and acquaintances, we come across the same set of people over and over again and hence the need of ‘New Buy’ crops up.

When Shikha attends parties: 

Shikha has to go a party in her family. Instead of buying new, she takes dresses buys a pre-loved dress for the 1st party.  For the 2nd one, she restyle it the way that everyone loves. But being a lady with good purchasing power, how long can she avoid the temptation of wearing something new ! So, for her 3rd get together, she goes for new buy and satiate the joy of new outfit. 

Going by the standards of sustainability, Shikha certainly holds up her efforts towards greener eco system way higher than Shikha.