4 ways to make your dining experience a memory for guests and self!

Our home is reflection of our personal style, our values and how we want to be perceived. Times when we are becoming increasingly aware of our ecological footprint, sustainable living has also finds it way we want to share our meal together as a family or with our guests. Dining together is an activity where we do not just nourish our body but nurture relationships and create memories and health. Here’s quick guide to quickly take our dining experiences a level up by creating an earthy, artisanal experience.


  1. First step, saying no to plastics:


Plastics have gripped every household. Convenience of heating, re-heating has led to numerous issues with respect to health. Plastics leach harmful chemicals into our food, posing a grave threat to our well-being. By embracing organic serve ware , we reduce the presence of harmful chemicals in our meals, and reduce plastic load in our oceans, organic options offer an escape from this toxic grip.

What should we avoid: Acrylic/ Melamine tableware


  1. Switch to charming serve ware:

 The charm of wooden and metal tableware rests in their ageless elegance. Wood, with its natural textures and warm tones, gives a sense of rustic appeal. Metal, on the other hand, exudes sophistication with its sleek, modern shapes. These materials not only look good on your table, but they also last longer than their plastic equivalents. Glass wares, makes it safe to reheat your food without microplastics reaching your body.

What should we consider: Wood, Metal and Glassware


  1. Addition of hand-made placemats and runners:

Delicious food is incomplete without its perfect presentation. Hand-woven linen, thoughtfully chosen napkins complement your organic tableware. It brings artistic addition to the table, turn the joy of eating to experience and is easy to maintain too.

What can we explore: Different textures of runner, place-mats and coasters


  1. Add an element of charm:

Enhance the set up your décor with candles and vase with fresh/ dried flower. Be it cozy candle light dinner or the guests coming over, having artistic centrepiece is always a mood elevator. Small investments but lingering memories.

What can be thought of: Tea-light Coasters/ Holders, Small Candle Holders, Fresh flower vase for big table settings


Imagine setting your table with meticulously handcrafted tableware, each piece being a testimony to the skill of local artisans. It doesn’t happen overnight but over a period of time, collecting small pieces of your choice of art and craft and setting it up to your style and mood. There is sense of pride, ounce of elegance and making changes that subtly enhances the dining experience.