Multi-Coloured Bracelet | Certified Natural Stone Beads | Unisex | Wellness Jewelry

Multi-Coloured Bracelet | Certified Natural Stone Beads | Unisex | Wellness Jewelry

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Certified Natural Seven Chakra Bracelet is meant for opening all chakra which overall affects Mental Health, Physical Health, Expression, Strength, Creativity, Wisdom and Spirituality. Seven different crystals impacting each chakra pre-dominantly and hence, is associated with certain body part. Seven chakra, protects you from negative vibrations by keeping your spirit high in all situations. Specifically it helps to attain physical and emotional balance.

This bracelet comes in an attractive Velvet string pouch which makes easy to keep it safe.

Benefits of Wearing Seven Chakra Bracelet:

  • 'MULADHARA' is the first chakra, reflects stability and security. Also known as Root chakra located at the base of spine. When this chakra is blocked or under-active, you might find yourself feeling weak, anxious, or dissatisfied with yourself or your body.
    Colour- Red

  • SVADHISTHANA' (Sacral chakra) is the second chakra, it is related to creativity, passion, pleasure and sexuality. When this chakra is disturbed, you might feel agitated and aggressive. It also affects decision making and self-confidence.
    Colour: Orange

  • 'MANIPURA' chakra (Solar plexus) is the third one. Situated between, Belly button and breast bone. It is related to self-steam, will power and ego. Due to disturbance on solar plexus one can see the world with a pessimist eye. You might struggle with self-esteem. Also you can feel low or like a victim in all the situations around you.
    Colour: Yellow

  • The fourth chakra is 'ANAHATA' chakra or Heart chakra. It unites upper and lower chakras of the body and responsible for love, affection and connection to the world. An open heart chakra will give off feelings of graciousness, harmony, appreciation for beauty, and love – in all its forms.
    Colour: Green

  • Fifth one is 'VISHUDDHA' or Throat chakra. This chakra is associated with communication and expression of your feelings. It helps unlock our deepest emotions and unravel the higher truths in life. A blocked chakra will create self-doubt and fear of judgement.
    Colour: Blue

  • "AJANA' or Third Eye, is the sixth chakra. Located between the eyebrows this chakra is related to intuition, wisdom and consciousness. A blocked third eye chakra can lead to fear of the unfamiliar and get in the way of self-reflection.
    Colour: Indigo

  • 'SAHASRARA', Seventh chakra is located at the crown of your head is also known as Crown chakra. Closely associated with spiritual connection and self-awareness. As root chakra connects us with earth, similarly crown chakra connects with universe. The open crown chakra helps find spiritual self and for greater good it disconnects you with the habit or matter which are not good for you.
    Colour: Purple


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Product Category  Wellness/ Spiritual
Product Sub-Category  Crystal Bracelet
Product Ingredients  Seven Chakra Bracelet(Semi-Precious Stone)
Weight  24 GM
Size 7.3 Inch ( Stretchable)
Name of Items in the Pack 1 Seven Chakra Bracelet + 1 Velvet Pouch
Number of Items in the Pack 2
Storage / Care Instructions Wash with water only
Manufactured & Packed By 

Bamboology Trends & Femi Fashions, Building 340B, BLOCK D, Industrial Area, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

Month & Year of Manufacturing

Dec 2023

Country of Origin  INDIA  
Customer Care Details 
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  • Mobile: +91 77100 38394
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  • COD Acceptability: Available

  • Package Preparation Time: 2 Days

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