About MijhoIndia

There is no planet B.

Scientists are still exploring signs of life on other Planet. Mars doesn't seem to be a reality any time soon, at least not in our lifetime. Our very own Moon, or Enceladus Moon of the Planet Saturn is still under research for existence of life there. While we pin our hopes on scientific findings of life on other planets, we can't forget about what's happening here. Our weather is changing a lot – untimely rains, hotter summers, frequent wildfires, more of natural calamities. And glaciers, those big ice mountains, are melting twice as fast as before, which means oceans might rise. Picture this: around 8 million metric tons of plastic find their way into our oceans every year, posing a grave threat to marine life.

What led us here- Building a Platform like MijhoIndia 

We're here because something triggered us to change direction. With all the amazing advancements in science and technology, we also saw some not-so-great things happening. Genetically modified crops took over, replacing the natural ones we used to grow, organic manure got swapped for pesticides for growing the vegetables, jute bags gave way to machine-made plastics, and similar changes tainted realm of arts and crafts. With a home of 3000 crafts and 2 million artisans, and rich knowledge of Vedic way of living, we simply couldn't sit and sip our morning tea. Our choices shape our Environment. 

It's time to take a step towards good, for everyone, for the better. To be that ‘First Step’

What MijhoIndia Mean

Taking a cue from the Spanish word 'Mijo,' a term of endearment for a friend or loved one, we named our mindful collective endeavour as ‘MijhoIndia’ – a platform that cherishes all things ‘Indian’. Our tagline, "Mindfully Indian", encapsulates our mission to honour Indian practices, arts, crafts, homegrown brands, and our natural and organic ways of living. 

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." 

While ensuring that sustainability in its complete and true form emerge, we touched upon all aspects of it. We navigated the intricacies of what to curate, how to curate, where to curate, and from whom to curate, ensuring that each step resonates with our vision of bringing holistic sustainability. 

We partnered with only those who value what we think are critical to ensuring the sustainable consumption and production. We call them the ‘Change Leaders’, the vanguards of transformation. We appreciate their alignment with SDG12 principles, and their efforts towards effecting conscious production. This platform serves as a meeting ground planet-positive-driven companies to coalesce, to amplify their voices, and to create a collective impact – one that radiates positivity across our planet. 

Values that Matter to Ecosystem

Mindful Value Index, an aggregation of values that we follow while onboarding the Brand. For us, it’s a collective benchmark of mindful intent and action. For Brands, this score is a badge of honour, symbolic of their commitment, and their dedication to a cause greater than commerce. It’s a score that shows how much they care about being mindful and responsible, and making a real difference to the positivity of the planet. For consumers, this index, in essence, quantifies our aspiration to to cultivate a holistic transformation, one that extends beyond mere commerce and cultivates an ecosystem of lasting value. 

We Support Intent From Mindful Prism

We are not against the millions of employment generated in factories. We understand that factories do support families and contribute to the national GDP.  Just that many of them are known for being notorious when it comes to work ethics, working condition, safety provisions, social securities, and reasonable wages. Moreover, the personal touch, the connections between people, and the natural beauty get lost amidst the churning of machines. Excessive production does not always follow full throttle consumption. We think there is value in slowing down and appreciating things made with care, rather than rushing through production. "Slow is Good. Fast is Demon." 

A Platform of Possibilities & Indian Heritage 

Our platform isn’t just a place to buy things; it’s a space for the exchange of stories, for artists to share their narratives, and for consumers to make choices that resonate. We embrace artisans from every nook of our nation, bringing forth the diverse tapestry of Indian crafts. From the intricate Jamdani weave of West Bengal to the vibrant Blue Pottery of Rajasthan, from Kalamkari Painting of Andhra Pradesh to Peace Silk of Assam, from Ajrakh Block-printing of Gujarat to Madhubani Painting of Bihar, from Pashmina Shawl of Kashmir to Paithani Sarees of Maharashtra- each piece tells a tale of heritage, skill, and legacy. That's a whole lot of talent and history we're bringing to your fingertips.

Making Smart Choices

As you navigate this narrative, we invite you to be a part of our story. Every choice you make, you say, "I want a better world.". When you choose handmade and carefully crafted products, you're not just buying things – you're supporting a way of life that's meaningful and respectful.

Embracing the Beauty of Pre-Loved Goods

Re-using the pre-loved product, a habitual custom, has bene practiced by Indians since generations. Gently used or misfit sized dresses are passed on to known ones. Excess products in the home of décor or utility items are also channelised when we shifts home or renovate. It's a practice we've followed without a second thought, and we continue to do so. Without even realising it, we championed the concept of circular consumption, steering clear of unnecessary purchases and reduced environmental impact of unnecessary production saving our planet from additional harms.

Now, we're taking this heartfelt tradition and opening it up to all of India through our platform, making it a complete circular chain of the consumption and disposal, all in one place.

And here the Journey Begins...

Mindful consumerism, a cornerstone of our mission, isn't mere lip service. It's a pledge backed by data-driven choices. The statistics corroborate our narrative. Recent surveys underscore a robust 45% upswing in demand for sustainable products over the course of a single year. This seismic shift in consumer preference isn't ephemeral; rather, it resonates with a collective yearning for ethical consumption.

MijhoIndia- where each decision resonates far beyond the transaction

MijhoIndia is an ode to our dear India, a promise of mindful practices, respect for craftsmanship, and a commitment to a healthier future, an aggregation of thoughtful steps and a community of Change leaders, striving towards positive Planet.

 One Person >> One Mindful Decision >> 1.4 Billion Mindful Decisions